Would spending millions on teaching humans not to become addicted to technology and the benefits of Buddhism do as much good as studying the brain?

Doesn’t self-awareness mitigate the increasing distractions of our minds to use technology? Isn’t our (addiction) connection to technology a choice every human makes (as I type into this screen)?

For the sake of discussion, what is the technology going to tell us about our brains that our souls don’t already inherently know?

Haven’t philosophers and poets and writers talked about a human’s search for meaning and how sacred that is for thousands of years and how unique that is to each one of us?

Doesn’t Buddhism or or the search for happiness exist from suffering?

To take away suffering and sadness, anxiety and panic, depression and the dichotomy of life, isn’t that a human’s right to feel, understand, suffer, grow, and work through their own self towards understanding their own gratitude and happiness?

To fix the genes, to edit our code, to value something that isn’t living and breathing, aren’t these just ways to ignore what our souls are trying to tell us?

Really interesting stuff. I have so many questions and look forward to more!

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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