“Whatever the case, the point is clear: after all these articles and books and videos, if they were making a different, they would have by now. You’re not getting closer, you’re getting farther away. And you’re even farther “behind” than you’re fearing, because you’re looking in all the wrong places.”

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Kris, interesting article, I think you meant write “if they were making a difference, they would have by now…” but getting closer or further away to happiness, to finding meaning, to growth, to being at peace and understanding “the thing” belongs to the journey, growth, and self-awareness of the reader, the learner, and the human looking for answers in their own world.

Epiphanies and change happen from the simplest of actions: traveling to new cultures, reading self-help gurus, experiencing love, facing our fears, mastering our crafts, detaching from seeking meaning and living more purposefully, etc.

There is no right or wrong place when change happens, regardless of how it started.

Just like this article. It could have spawned that person that is looking for something externally to look internally and simplify. The answer is always inside us, in choosing to be present with our circumstances and choosing the response after that stimuli passes, but the reading, learning, journaling, writing, exploring, and growing brings us closer to understanding how simple and fickle meaning can be.

“Let the thing be the thing.”

Unfortunately, people are conditioned to believe in the wrong thing in our society. The attach meaning to things, status, money, fame, greed, ego, looks, jobs that suck, and so on. All this conditioning exists in America and if you never learn to explore your own shitty values, your own shitty paradigm, you may never understand why happiness and meaning elude you.

And that’s a shitty notion to accept.

Should writers not share?

Should we hide what we’ve learned?

Should we all quit learning what may be holding us back?

I may never have realized the thing is right in front of me this whole time unless I read your article.

So now what?

Question everything. Your article. My words. Your beliefs. Grow. Adapt. Evolve. Relax. Eat a shit sandwich and smile from time to time.

There are millions of people that lack awareness of what produces happier, more fulfilling lives. Reading people’s stories that are vulnerable and honest about their experiences promote growth, promotes human consciousness, maybe even helping them do what they love regardless of money or, or what they are curious about, or what brings them more of the dopamine slot machine.

Just a practice of writing down what you are grateful for every week, actually makes people happier, so to have a meaningless, passive approach to find yourself, your happiness, your love, or a meaningful life, whatever it may be, misses the point of how we can all practice growing, evolving, and being.

In my humble opinion, looking in the wrong places, working shitty jobs and realizing you don’t want to do that anymore, questioning the shit people write, (not you, I enjoy your writing homegirl), and how it relates to their own lives is the very thing one must do to grow.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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