This may be my favorite article ever. Spin me around Sally and take me for a ride. I am currently (starting) a startup and immediately felt your words and ideas. As a builder or salesperson currently in lean startup mode, everyone is ideas, sales, building, talking, communicating, and the one closest to the problem usually has the solution.

Jeff Bezos said that I heard.

The push to get out of your head, get external, get into motion and momentum is key, like you said!

One thing I may have missed and may have to go back and read. In my life, it seems a lack of understanding my true values, what truly makes me happy and puts those little coins in my emotional bank account are the compatibility of values with other people, business, and community, regardless of what the product or system or things or people do.

Logic, things, feelings, people, the spin cycle is on in my head, but what trumps bush-league values?

Authentic values.

What if we just value things that give us more happiness and stop trying to be right. What if we challenge ourselves to value building, selling, creating, and working with things or people you value?

If we value selling, value the product so much it makes you want to snuggle with it at night like a newborn puppy.

If we value people over systems, what are the types of people we enjoy being around and how do we build businesses and culture around those types of people?

Shit. I need to read this again!

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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