This is kind of like mind blowing, but also frustrating in many ways.

50% less serotonin receptors? Can I see the research and where that came from?

As a male, my right brain is and has always been stronger. Does that mean I may have less serotonin receptors? How can one test this? Maybe this explains why I get along with women as friends so well? ;)

You write, “THE LEFT (MALE) BRAIN The left side of our brain is very mechanistic, it is very task-oriented, very strategic, very mathematical, linear… THE RIGHT (FEMALE) BRAIN.. When we move into the right brain, things get a little bit more interesting. The right brain is more sensual. It’s more creative. It’s emotional. It’s passion.”

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Here is my problem, I am more emotional, creative, sensual, and I’m a man. Maybe that just means being a Cancer is a feminine astrology sign. I find regardless of sex, emotions, passion, and feelings can be handled by understanding the choice one makes in the gap between stimulus and response.

Does that mean women are at a disadvantage to choosing their attitude or demonstrating this type of conscious behavior because they are geared towards right brain dominance?

Can’t emotions be handled in a state of presence by anyone, regardless of sex?

Here, I find labeling my creative, passionate non-linear qualities as a thinker, inspirer, artist, writer, creator, and athlete to be ubiquitous to humans that cultivated or were born with certain genetic strengths. The Gallup Strengths Finder test I took didn’t confirm my mathematical, mechanistic, strategic, or logical side. Should I look into what my brain chemistry is doing?

To say one side of the brain is male and one side is female sounds limiting in a society that has lost traditional definitions of man and woman. Regardless of the amount of serotonin receptors I have or she has, we all need to cultivate positive interactions with our partners, friends, and loved ones to be happier, healthier, and more balanced.

But seriously, can you count my serotonin receptors for me, I think I may have gotten the short end of the stick? Thanks homegirl.

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