Dear Louis Chew — is it Anger or Love that Gives David Goggins Purpose?

This David Goggins guy sounds very tough.

And very miserable (at times).

As a former pro athlete, I realized the important of physical and mental toughness, but there is also a point where toughness can make you go backwards, especially regarding your body, mind, and soul, and how you care for yourself in those different ways.

Happiness, self-love, and peace of mind don’t always happen when you are trying to out suffer people.

Pushing through pain is one thing. Pushing through broken feet is another. Peeing down one’s leg happens (I think?), but I want to know if he is happy while he does any of these things that show how tough he is.

Being tough and living happy is more important than living tough for the only reason that you want to show you are tough and succeed at doing feats no one else does.

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Recovery is huge in pro sports, but maybe not for David. I admire his mental fortitude, and his ability to find purpose in suffering. I don’t want to find motivation to suffer more, I want to find motivation to do what I love more and that is where I diverge from David’s message of purposeful suffering.

Don’t kick my ass David Goggins (no seriously.) haha..

But it seems most of his purpose is rooted in anger, and his actions manifested in revenge. I wonder if that message is the wisest choice for our souls.

I may know the anger he feels, and I’ve used anger to build my professional sports life, but I’ve realized you can’t find sustainability or joy in doing things out of anger.

Rather, look for doing things you truly love, and focusing on the process/habit-building/work/recovery needed to live a more balanced life.

I bet David Goggins is still trying to run from something (just throwing a dart into a forest hoping for a bullseye), but this at least how it seems when I follow or watch him or listen to his message.

But damn, he is tough, no doubt, and a lot of people need more toughness to succeed at what they want in life.

I just hope they choose it out of love, not anger.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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