The Sports Lab: A Pro Athlete’s 25 Tips on Living a Happier Life

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  1. Don’t be brainwashed by our society to think more is better.

2. Travel and live in different cultures to understand your own better.

3. Help others reach their goals and dreams.

4. Help equality, kindness, effort, learning, vulnerability, self-awareness, and grit happen across the world.

5. Study what love, partnerships, and relationships take to succeed before you fall in love.

6. Be kind to humans, animals, and our environment.

7. Recycle and compost if you can.

8. Unplug the crap you aren’t using.

9. Stop consuming so much crap.

10. Stop buying crap you don’t actually need.

11. For every non-consumable new thing you buy, give away two.

12. Embrace the struggle as much as the success.

13. Try to unplug from your digital life, talk, share, slow down, and meet more often with your friends, family, and loved ones.

14. Take mental health days, weeks, and months if you need too.

15. It’s okay to change directions and take a different path, downsize, and make less money.

16. You can be poor and happy and not want more if you are doing what you love.

17. You can be wealthy and unhappy and always want more doing what isn’t your purpose.

18. Live happier by practicing gratitude every morning (thank you mom for being the best mother on Earth).

19. Give food away you don’t eat, clothes you don’t wear, things you don’t use, and minimalist de-clutter your life.

20. Figure out three reasons why you should stay fit and be an athlete (again).

21. Continually buying expensive, bigger, nicer, better things isn’t happiness, it is a never ending game, like playing a dopamine slot machine. Chasing the short surge of happiness means you have some questions to ask yourself.

22. It’s normal to be afraid and feel fear. It’s not normal to face that fear with positive self-talk, small steps of action, and courage.

23. Your external reactions can be a reflection of your inner state of being.

24. Do something to make someone smile every day you are alive.

25. Breathe like a sloth.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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