The Mindful Student-Athlete

A 12-year choke artist to game-winning pro athlete on applying sports lessons to startups, business, life, and making the big shot

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Mindfulness from sports to life

A true process orientation also means being aware that every outcome is preceded by a process… Students forget this all the time. — Ellen J. Langer

“Je veux que tu perdes.”

I know how important the battle of the mind is.

Why does mindfulness matter to an athlete?

Did you know the average American changes careers seven times in their lifetime?

This sports experience is the best teacher for what’s next in life — making progress and winning in business, school, and rising to the challenge of your goal demands while building your daily skills.

When things matter more, when the crowd fills ups the arena, you naturally put more pressure on yourself.

In 2013, it was my last chance to win a National Title in France playing the sport I loved — basketball.

This is my last chance to make a personal dream come true. I turn to my side and lay my face on the Chalon Reim’s parquet floor. My heart is pounding. I can feel it beating through my chest. The anxiety usually starts like a jet engine. The roar crescendos inside me, inside the gray matter between my ears, culling all positive thought. This is the fight or flight response. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be controlled by the energy of 5,000 French fans dancing and singing some hip-hop song I’ve never heard.

Be practicing mindfulness a thousand times before that big moment arrives.

Dirk Nowitzki once told Jason Kidd, “I’m a great shooter because I breath through my eyes.”

Failure is always just an illusion and self mastery of despite that illusion is the key to defeating your inner demons and that choke artist that lives inside all of us.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments about mindfulness and being a pro athlete, please feel free to share or ask!

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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