The Gratitude Journal: Day 1

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The practice of gratitude through writing in a journal and naming five things you are grateful for everyday (for ten weeks) has been proven to raise your happiness levels by 25 percent.

Let the new practice begin.

The Illusion of Sufferings

You fall down.

What do you think about when you are on the ground?

How do you respond?

“You fall down seven, you get up eight?”

The virtuous mind appreciates the ups and downs. It’s part of the growing process. I near the edge of my comfort zone and incur the losses. The sufferings. Frustrations mount.

Then I breathe.

One day, I will win, and it will start over.

Oh, the joys.

Or our grit.

But why?

I’m grateful for the art of humble. The art of being a warrior, of coming up from the floor over and over and over. I’m grateful for my body, my mind, and my teammates. Without them, none of this is possible.

I have family that loves me. Friends. Community.

I’m grateful for:

My female BFF sent me audio recording of a fart — I laughed and laughed, listening to it over and over.

A second grade girl from Boston in my Huffman Basketball Club sent me a video of her dribbling a basketball with her dad’s big river fishing boots on. I giggled watching it over and over.

My mom sent me a pickle ball net and I played against my younger brother and I forgot the sensation of play. How important it is for society to play. To be kids again.

I’m grateful for kids and parents I get to help coach.

I’m grateful for snuggling with my dog Bear every morning. He’s 14 soon, and who knows how much longer I’ll share my love and affection with him.

The Coronavirus creates uncertainty is us, in our society, but uncertainty is always there behind the illusion of every day routine. I’m grateful for uncertainty. That I can adapt and change and give to my friends and get back from them.

Society is so certain about their lives until their’s uncertainty in their lives.

What can we be certain about?


Practicing playfulness.

Getting up when we get knocked down.


That goes for every team. Every organization. Gratitude for it and them all.

How can I make them better today?

How can I make you better today?

These are the questions I’m grateful for asking.

Written by

“Do it or don’t do it.”

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