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If loyalty is natural byproduct of when you feel good, when your needs are met, or when you realize your “relationship” waters are flowing in parallel, what happens when the flow of water changes without you knowing?

Do most relationships erode quietly (the sneaky things)?

What about when you wake up and realize your partner’s water has quietly started traveling down a different path? Do you begin to try and move and dig the Earth around to get her river back into yours?

Do the hyper-aware couples construct the bridges and channels and dams for “love waters” to flow together?

The Celine Dion quote, “love can move mountains…” is wrong.

Loyalty actually moves mountains one stone at a time.

Moving mountains is slow, hard work isn’t it?

How much work is there before you release your love to nature? To incompatibility? To your waters flowing in different directions?

There is always that pain and suffering of immature relationships that start with high hopes that I would like to stay away from, yet, most people think they aren’t ever going to be that couple that falls apart (this invincibility mindset is proven).

Aghh. Errrr.

Okay superman?

You said: “I want to coexist. And yes, I want the comfort of cohabitation and consistency.”

This is good and bad in my eyes because it is dangerous too.

It can be something every relationship needs to thrive, but I also fear too much of it, because any long term relationship can fall into this comfortable state of cohabitation and consistency that blinds even the most aware of couples.

“I’ll never lose them.”

“I’ll be loyal.”

“We are good.”

Yet, none of us are immune to the rise and fall of our own structures, to the change of other’s mental structures, neural connections, to the disconnect of aging minds, finding ones’ true personality, or the growing awareness of what you actually need but aren’t possibly getting even if you ask.

I am actually a glass half-full type.

We must go until the structures break.

Maybe that is the only answer I need?

Thanks for sharing.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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