Thanks Kris for the much needed read. As a new pro basketball coach (and writer ;) in Europe and I must admit the world of adversity, struggle, and suffering is suddenly much more real — internally and externally — when put into a new situation demanding wins and performance.

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I push through the coaching (and writing) days when I suck. When I wake up and scout (or type) regardless of performance. Or I type out practice plans or rebound for my team after practice. Even after being ejected from games (yes, I was ejected by the referees in my sixth game), I still come back for more. I know the struggle is real. And important for a reason, even if I continue to forget.

This is a crucial life process and epiphany, to understand growth happens through suffering within our life’s challenges.

The suffering is just a feeling by the way — yes, a feeling that lasts as long as we let it and still, it sucks donkey balls.

In love.

In careers.

In transitions.

In travel.

In butterflying.

In anything really.

But the butterfly is an amazing example of this suffering and struggle to grow. Push little butterfly, push. A butterfly’s two hours of struggle before it can spread its wings can be compared to months and years for us peasant humans.

Yes, I wish I was on the damn butterfly timeline. Oh well, c’est la vie — to the feelings struggle bring.

And cheers to the personal growth Kris Gage.

Thanks for the words.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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