First, great piece, Tinder can be a real shit show (as is all online dating it seems, but Tinder takes the cake).

I was once slapped around by a drugged up Columbian woman after a romantic Tinder salsa dance, and felt completely abused. Confused.

Yet, never fearful, me getting my ass kicked around (I kept asking for a safe word) and my shirt torn off, I finally had to draw the line.

Then I ask myself, “What keeps us trying after stories like this?” is truly evidence the human spirit can endure terrible atrocities in hopes for a compatible partner.

WAIT, HOW did a second date happen again? (Lol.)

Third, WHAT do we need to learn so we can walk away when we feel assaulted or abused (or tickled without consent)? What specifically do you miss in your thinking that makes you feel sympathetic to this dude tickler?

I’m not one to vouch for stranger tickling, or touching without consent (that sick fucker sounds like the American Psycho character) but every human — man or woman — should could learn how to communicate really really tough emotional situations in a stronger way.

The last (real) question I have is this: IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT OVER, HOW WOULD YOU REACT THIS TIME?

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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