Ways to Deal with Death

Words from the Ram Dass, Going Home Documentary

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Ram Dass, Going Home

Make change your friend.





Death is just another step towards home.

It’s presumptuous to talk about death. Something has happened to me, meandering through life.

Lots of fear.


It’s gone for me.

Death is not my enemy. Keep death present in your consciousness as one of the greatest mysteries. Greatest allies. It imbues this moment with added richness which is otherwise used up in denial of death. Acceptance of death is not error.

It is taking off a tight shoe.

I am one of the strange people that delights to be with people that are dying. Be in the present of truth. Be open to their reactions, be open to their grieving sadness. Only then, can we start to meet behind the grief.

Faced with a paradox, our human emotional heart wants to take away their suffering, except suffering is the sand paper for the spiritual point of view.

This suffering starts the vehicle for awakening.

What did you learn in this life?

Love something, become one with it.

All of us one, one consciousness, and that’s the way in which the world could write itself, start with your piece, your love, your compassion, and go from there.

Love everything.

Everything — let’s all walk each other home.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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