Paul, great stuff.

As a former pro athlete, I am just joining the endurance fray.

Get better at getting old is my new fucking motto, so thank you for that and this is something of a pro athlete rant, so I apologize in advance.

But when I was done playing 20 years of D1 and pro hoops, there was nowhere for me to join a team and sweat and connect with people. Basketball is either a bunch of old guys shooting too much, getting hurt, or acting like their range extends to Steph Curry’s residential home in SF.

To really lean and focus on fitness or my jumper or just stay healthy was a big problem and it added to my sinking. My depression doubled. My butt and gut tripled.

You’ve seen it a million time with athletes that played at high levels.

I have made a place for hoop lovers to stay fit, but personally, I’ve also joined a community of runners and triathletes to learn a new craft.

I’ve recently finished my first attempt at a triathlon. I sucked big fat gorilla nuts, but I survived. I’d rather do minute sprints for a half hour than run three miles straight, so kudos to your 50k. And now here I am, finally admitting the purpose of the run and the community I’ve joined is to let go of the worries and stresses and learn how to suffer together through the feeling of non-exciting civilian life after pro sports.

This connection to fitness and people allows growth through “not quitting” and that is a strong inner quality to have to succeed as we transition forward in whatever life gives us!


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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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