Mindfulness for Athletes

my interview with MindSport creator and founder Ryan Stock

Do you ever feel you suck at mindfulness as an athlete (or heck, anyone?)

My mind wanders. I get anxious. I start sweating. I can’t calm down. And I typically give up a few days into trying to develop a new habit.

Yet, after this talk, I have stuck with my practice. As hard as it feels. As much as my mind wanders. After listening to Ryan, I realize:

The first step in mindfulness for athletes is noticing your mind wandering.

Some questions we answer on mindfulness for athletes:

How do we let go of our monkey mind and focus our mind intentionally in games, practice, and life?

How we stay at an elite level like NBA players while dealing mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and injury?

Do NBA and WNBA players deal with mental health issues while dealing with huge amounts of stress, life challenges, and winning (the answer is yes and we talk about it)?

What do we take with us into life when we are done with sport?

What values do we take from sport?

What purpose do we find in climbing our mountain?

What do we crave and why are not present in our moment?

Why do I lose my confidence and performance in games?

Why do I make stupid fouls when I snap react to a turnover?

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Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

I hope you enjoy the Ryan Stock mindfulness for athletes interview

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Ryan, the founder and creator of MindSport, a mindfulness and meditation app.

The first part of mindfulness for athletes is noticing your mind wandering.

What comes next could change your life and career.

If you are still reading, thank you again.

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