Massive goals (mountains) can only be climbed with small steps. The more you climb, the better you get at climbing, and therefore you attract your success. In your case, you have things outside your control just like I did. Who wants your screenplay? Who will buy it? Who will pay you to do what you love?

Self-belief is a huge value of pro athletes. You must believe you belong there, at the top, and you must work every day with your habits in tow. I never knew if I would make it to the NBA early on. To Europe. Hell, to division one. I didn’t care what the fuck people thought, and I was fearless when it came to disrupting the status quo of being a white guy going into gyms in the inner city and showing them I could hang.

Where can you go hang? Who can you disrupt? Who can you learn from? What mentors are connected to paying clients? I mean, I don’t know your field, but you should know more and more as you start to tap into your field and put yourself out there more and more.

At the end of the day, we aren’t not what we get paid to do. We are what we love to do and the people that we do it with. So don’t focus on results only. Focus on the highest standards of habit building. That will help you reach your potential as a screen writer, wherever that is! :)

Hope that helps.

Lastly, grit is my favorite value of successful athletes, people, and businessmen and women that go from nothing to something. You are supposed to fail, feel fear, and insecurity on your journey. Embrace that shit. Breathe it in and try to enjoy the process of learning you asked for…

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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