Kris Gage,

I’d like to add here that “play” is something that most adults forget how to do or “extrovert” themselves into and practice. Play — doing things you love, laughing, improv, acting, playing your favorite sport, doing your favorite workout with friends, doing something social like board games, or Jenga, or playing tag with your kids — is something I’ve found keeps me grounded as a natural introvert.

The act of extrovert-ing is always hard for introverts because we feel comfortable sticking in our head, but really, it can be rather funny if we stay there too long, like an ostrich with its head in the sand, we get stuck.

“If you don’t put anything down out there — in words, on paper, with people, in productive work, etc. — then you might as well be dead. And I say this with love because, as I said, I am like this, too.”

The fear of action, of extroversion, of putting your work, your skill, your craft, your voice, your thoughts, your body, anything really, out there causes me a lot of second thoughts, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty, yet when I finish the act of extrovert-ing (I made a new verb here), I always do a fist pump and thank the heavens for allowing me the grace to create, connect, touch, be with others, solve problems, work, show, share, and make others laugh.

Our gifts are usually festering like fleas in our heads, waiting to be scratched. The world wants to be scratched from time to time. So come out and play.

Thanks for sharing!

Trevor Huffman

Written by

“Do it or don’t do it.”

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