Kris Gage,

Hola homegirl.

Great piece about what really goes on inside the minds of athletes, CEO’s, writers, creatives, parents, teachers, and basically, the entire human f’ing race.

None of us are immune to excuses. I tried to tell myself that I’d read an article of yours every day and I did, and then I thought after awhile, “Well, I need to write my own damn self to be better, not read and wish upon a star.” And so I dropped that “Gage reading habit” like a pack of cold cigarettes on the day your child is born.

But my child wasn’t born.

Our subconscious voice comes up with whatever it takes to get out of doing the real work. The stuff you need to do — whether it’s polishing, or editing, or posting, or sharing, or pushing, or pulling, or selling, or working out, or cleaning, or taking the week off to travel because you’re goddamn human like the rest of Europeans out there, and because, well, you’re aware of the excuses starting to line up in your head because you’ve done this before.

That said, I’m picking up that metaphorical cigarette again — read more Gage! Read more Gage. ;)

I always laugh when I read your stuff, and there is that — maybe because your writing reminds me of the voice we all have to deal with, confront, and admit makes no sense (from time to time).

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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