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Just to play devil’s advocate, should we all just start our own publication and have other writers post to our publication? This is the best article I’ve read on gaining Medium readers and monetizing your writing passion by making a community of writers, rather than writing solo, hoping for the magic to happen.

Maybe the lone wolf technique isn’t the most efficient for your success on Medium’s awesome platform.

I see independent publications starting up and I wonder why. What is the point if there isn’t money involved? Can’t you already make money with creating value for your readers on Medium?

Oh, that’s right, you need engagement, followers, claps, and a positive read % to make more money.

So duh, yeah, let’s leverage these newbies or help them, or what is it actually?

I dunno, at the end of the day, if independent Medium publications help both parties, it’s a win-win, right?

This independent publication strategy inside Medium seems that it would be the best way to monetize your skills and value, by leveraging the stories and content of other writers and experts while helping those very same writers gain access to a growing membership and fan base inside your own publication, right?

“You want to scratch my back Willy?”

“Hey, yeah, I’ll make a publication too.”

“That way we can all make more money!”

“If I scratch your back, will you scratch mine?”

“Sure Sam, I’d love too.”

It seems the independent writer and storyteller must learn how to market, collaborate, and team up unless I am missing something.

Yikes, so much to learn, so little time. Medium had 30 million visits!! My God!

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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