John, I just looked up authentic on ‘the Google’:

of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.

I’m not sure how one can be genuine and not be authentic?

I do hate that the buzz word of 2019 is “authentic” and yet most of the people that use it are likely the same “follow the herd” humans that got barbwire tattoos in the 90's.

Is authentic taboo or do we need to usher in a world of new authenticity leaders?

I say the latter. I don’t want anyone ruining my genuine approach to life because authenticity is getting a bad rap by Instagram branding experts.

This ‘fake’ authenticity movement gives a bad name to genuine.

How do we make authentic an ‘uncool’ word again, because that’s really what authenticity is — the nerd playing D & D with a level 9 wizard with complete joy, it’s the teenage athlete lifting so hard his nuts drop, it’s the startup gal that literally doesn’t shower, or bathe, or sleep because their widget is so close to helping humanity.

I must live in a closet though, because I think authenticity is still uncool to the masses and cool to me.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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