Jay Shetty’s Think Like a Monk

on positive things to do in quarantine

Trevor Huffman


Jay Shetty wrote Think Like a Monk and his message is clear. He truly cares about his community. I love to listen to his message constantly and I always get nuggets of personal growth, things to shift my mindset, and routines to put into my daily system from his Podcast, On Purpose.

Here are some personal growth notes from one of his latest talks on handling quarantine in a constructive, positive way.

The best kind of people are the ones who care about your growth as if it’s part of their own. — Mandy Dimarzo

1. Organize your photo gallery’s pictures, or create Spotify playlists

Categorize your pictures into categories: old friends you’ve lost contact with, startup or business memories that empower a team, that trip to Thailand with Ginny, old memories with your parents, partners, or family, those hard experiences you forgot you got through, growth experiences, great fitness workouts,

It’s like doing a puzzle that connect together.

Are you bored? Channel your discomfort and anxiety and sadness into something productive. I’m not going to give you — watch Tiger King all day, and play video games, or watch reruns of The Office.

2. Organize your book shelf and look for old books you loved

What book can you find that you forgot? Catcher in the Rye? Harry Potter? Start taking 10 minutes to start reading again. Does it feel like your brain can’t focus for that long in our attention starved distracted society?

3. De clutter. Clean and reorganize your external space

What do you not like about your living situation? Is there junk everywhere? How do you want to live? Minimalism is a word for a reason. Living simply creates less things to worry about and the less we worry about. Separate spaces. Make a corner…



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