I’m new to the startup industry. I find this article to be very true and semi-helpful as I’m part of a six-team membership group, a startup split between two cities (Boston and Chicago), with different ideas, red tape, and often times, communication styles, timelines, behaviors, and ideas that are polarized by egos.

I’m not an expert, but just an experiential learner, and I find the learning can stop when you allow feelings to get in the way, or egos to stop progress.

Yet egos are the enemy or the pitfall of most ideas, yet without ego, the self-belief to start and demand an idea spawn may never happen. How do we balance the this?

I have an ego (problem). We all have them. How do we balance the facade we show, versus supporting the players on the team to ensure the growth, progress, or survival of a startup?

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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