I want to be a writer!

I’m a former pro athlete (of 12 years), and am conquering my fears as I transition away from my old self and rise into the next chapter of living.

The parallels between sport, travel, and mastering one’s life are my jam and my mission is to inspire humans to stay true to the next chapter of their lives with authentic, weird, and unconvetional stories about life.

I hope to inspire many post grad millenials that are trying to find their tribe, their life, and their purpose!

It’s my jam!

Love reading you articles and great travel stuff.

Tell me how I get involved and here is an example of my writing!

Thanks Tom,

Trevor Huffman

Ps. Keep up the great story telling and if you ever want to chat via gmail chat about how you’ve #turntup the Medium scene, I would love to talk and get ideas about how you’ve approached your mastery of Medium, marketing, and writing!

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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