My Marketing, Branding, and Startup Questions from a Quarantine Passion Project

that maybe you can help me with

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Today, I’m writing because I need help.

I don’t know exactly how I want to market or organize something I’ve started that’s going really well.

Maybe you can help.

It all started when I decided to start offering one to five dollar online basketball classes for kids of all skill levels.

It’s expanded quickly.

Like, really quickly.

Maybe it’s because I was a former 12-year NBA (cup o’ tea) and overseas pro athlete from Northern Michigan. Or maybe it’s because parents want to get their kids moving again in quarantine. Funny thing is, I would have never tried LIVE online workouts if it weren’t for the quarantine.

The unfunny thing is, I have never built a brand online.

I would have just got in a gym, at some point, done my camps and said, “See you next year!”

But not anymore.

I can see these kids every week.

All year.


And that’s so cool!

Good things can happen in quarantine!




I have 26 Patrons on Patreon that pay me a monthly membership to be on the text/email list. I also have families that pay per session.

I don’t know which direction to go in to reach and get in touch with more people that may want to try this!

I have a personal THRIVE podcast that is in the works. A YouTube channel. A Insta account. Should I pivot and have my Huffman Club — the online basketball classes be the main funnel?

Should I write the scripts for my podcast intros and outros from to relay the importance of the Huffman Club?

What about landing pages?

Should I hire video production to create a snazzy intro for all my instructional videos for Huffman Club?

Should I just keep it all separate?

Should I just keep doing what I’m doing?

To be clear, Huffman Basketball is my typical summer camp program and Huffman Club is the new weekly online basketball classes with the pros that I’m building through a Patreon community.

THRIVE with Trevor Huffman is the podcast that will tie all the experiences I’ve had playing, training, and finding the best minds to speak to the athletes, parents, and coaches out there.

Do I call the podcast Huffman Club then?


As you can see, I have so many questions about what direction to go in. I need a think tank.

How do I leave a legacy with kids, the dreamers, or the families that want to do something with their young athlete’s potential?

What about the kids that can’t afford to do this?

I want to help myself, but realize, I also need to bounce ideas off you — the startup world readers.

What are your thoughts?

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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