I Do Love to Really Travel

But not for why you think, and not on bourgeois all-inclusive American-style resort vacations. Those reasons suck.

You either approach travel as a chance to grow, or you don’t — basically, you get in what you put out.

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The real grime and grit and personal growth of travel is in the dark bars, the hidden beaches, the small towns that haven’t changed in thousands of years, and the people that care to practice their culture and traditions, while still connecting with strangers.

Seriously, try befriending someone French in France, and then let me know how that goes.

You can’t be grateful for what you don’t know you have.

How would we learn what other cultures do to be happier without travel?

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Americans don’t take their time, ever. Okay, well most of them don’t.

It’s in our blood and genetics to want to feel happy.

Yeah, shit, people don’t like to feel that way, but even the French butter wears off and you have to deal with yourself if you stay long enough. By traveling, you learn how to deal with not only yourself, but other’s differences.

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Travel isn’t for me.

To take the time to relax, connect, and break bread with strangers, or European friends was always one of my biggest achievements in life.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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