I define special as something or someone being out of the ordinary or average. Being born in American isn't special, while being white and born in America in a certain zip code might mean you've won the genetic lottery, which might mean we feel special, but then we go onto live lives like the rest of the people from our zip codes, which then makes us part of this "special" birthright, and yet a majority of special birthrights are doing the same thing, which ironically makes us become "un-special."

The paradox of special, let's call it.

If we all aim to become leaders, how can we be called a leader if all of us are one?

That "specialness" of birthplace might not correlate to answering the call of making our society a better place, which most of our privileged "special" don't do, therefore making the majority of privilege "unspecial" by their uniformity of their actions.

Our white specialness is that we don't quite understand Black history, or First Americans, or other cultures, or societies, and how we continue the mutilation and pillaging of mother Earth. These "special" values we currently hold aren't special, in that way because a majority holds them and you can see what we get with them.

How for many of us who want to change America's "special" need to be best at whatever the cost, and the shitty values that accompany our past glories, I feel detached from the special part, and yet, I'm not the average white America guy because I refuse to believe America is "special" This seems like a paradox and an illusion of values that Americans have been conditioned to believe in.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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