I can’t imagine doing drugs in the desert and not sleeping for 30 hours. It seems like your depiction of Burning Man is only of drugs, sex, and rock and roll (EDM).

I imagine if you could have been in a sound state of mind, as you survived against the elements and interacted with humans on a deeper level of love, regardless of booze, want of sexual reproduction, you may have found more growth, amazing people, and true growth in your Burning Man experience.

Like what would happen if you did LSD in normal life and didn’t sleep for 30 hours?

You’d probably die, get hit by a fucking bus, or have someone take all your money, food, and leave you for dead under a bridge somewhere.

Not at Burning Man — somehow you were taken care of.

That should be mean something, because in our society, your ass is getting kicked to the curb.

Those people will take care of you, the people that are truly Burning their ego, that believe in the divine interactions of human acceptance and love. Losing your mind is your choice — damn, I feel bad for you. I had a shitty experience at first because you are literally trying to survive on Mars, but when I realized the choice of growth is in the people, in self-care, in taking your time to enjoy the beauty of nature, in the stories of culture and acceptance, difference and positivity — regardless of drug choice or sobriety.

I enjoyed your story, just sucks you had a clouded mind, dehydrated body, and what sounds like poor interactions with unlucky souls that didn’t appreciate you like you should have been appreciated.

I also cried, but for much different reasons. I’ll add my story later.

Thanks for sharing.

Try less drugs next time, you’ll probably be more present with people and have a better experience in one of the harshest environments on Earth.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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