How to Love and Still Hate the Gym

Why a Pro Athlete Can Help You Get Over Your Hatred for Working Out in Nine Minutes or Less

Trevor Huffman


“person climbing concrete stairs” by Clique Images on Unsplash

Fuck the gym, has been in my vocabulary too much lately.

But why?

It’s good for me.

It’s healthy for me.

It makes me feel better when I’m done.

My anxiety goes down.

My creativity goes up.

My productivity sky rockets.

So why say, “FUCK IT?” with such reckless abandon, Trevor?

Well, my pro basketball career ended a few years back (after 13 years of stellar point guard play *lol*) and I mean, what do I need to prove? What is the point of working out if I can’t win something?

What am I going to win, six pack of the year?

Go get a life, bro.

So yeah, it’s been a three year love/hate relationship with this fucking fitness thing and I finally feel like I’m rounding a corner with understanding why I need to move my body; why and how I’m starting to win the battle of wills inside my pea-sized brain.



Trevor Huffman

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