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I just want to thank you Michal Korzonek. Read his article and see my shoddy attempt at his minimalist journaling process below.

So, I’m not really sure how I found this article, but I am glad I did. First off, the truth is, minimalistic behavior modifications are my jam (especially ones that are focused on the process, not the result), whether saving money, living on a sailboat in the Caribbean, or living abroad for 13 years.

My dude Mike K, do you mind if I call you that, you are a genius!

I can see this working for kids, parents, multiple types of athletes to high achievers that are always thinking about the end result rather than letting their habits power their future.

Habits allow you to automate your future because your brain has more room to learn new skills. Goddamn genius to focus on the visual part of habit building.

I started this a six days ago and I’m amazed at how well it is working for me. I had a huge team startup meeting where everyone came in for the weekend so it took away from my habit building, but you can below some very positive habits starting.

One, I love the idea of days alive as a measure of life and time. There is no guarantee tomorrow will be there. Make today special. You can see I’ve added things to the journaling as I got better at it. I started simple.

  1. A star was at least one hour of startup focused work.
  2. A + sign is my REAL estate company (which I hate running and working on).
  3. In the lower right, is a triangle for eating only raw food after 6:00pm, and if I can, just a organic smoothie mix that has no sugar.
  4. The box means I wrote and published an article on Medium.
  5. The thing in the box is the big memory of the day. The special sauce that made me smile or was a heartfelt reason to be alive and be grateful. It’s honestly one of the best ways to be happy, to live in gratitude and seeing it every day is so powerful (yeah!!! fuck yeah!).
  6. The line at the bottom is if I worked on my to do list.
  7. The number on the right side is my happiness level that day.
  8. Lower left is how many workouts I got in, and the initials for what type of workout: W = walking H = Hoops Y= yoga R = running B= biking, etc
  9. X at bottom next to time (you see I wake up around 8–9am) is if I slept bad. I usually sleep bad it seems. The other number to the right is when I went to sleep.
  10. The O on the right side is if I remember my dreams and what they are.
  11. The Y/N is if I learned for at least 30 minutes per day.
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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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