Here is a thought, just to play devils advocate: what about the people that always fail and never stop failing (or always keep turning the wrong way)?

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Will reading all these books help you or do you need to experience wrong turns to grow?

Why is that?

What if success is just about being on the front of end of a trend rather than the back end?

Should we actually keep changing directions or should we learn how to navigate our minds better?

So rather than focus on failing, focus on learning what the root of their mind’s fundamental problem is.

One thing is sure, talent is overrated and it seems you have kept your job due to your ability to grow, not fail and keep turning.

Fixing your weaknesses day after day, and finding the solution (taking responsibility) for your failures, isn’t turning, it is living in the growth mindset.

I do love a good wrong turn road trip, though.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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