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For sure, all the women out there waiting to be surprised, just please know some men can be super awesome, kind, and thoughtful, and really oblivious to how you feel about one day.

We may never realize the thoughts going on inside your romantic mind.

“Please be specific with the non-mind-reading-men, like me.”

Give us parameters.

Give us reminders.

Hell, put a sticky note on my bathroom mirror.

If we fuck that up, then okay, that’s a more serious conversation, but this Valentine’s day thing is a media frenzy created by whom? By Hallmark? I refuse to look up why Valentines is so popular. Literally Hallmark LLC makes billions on this day.

I digress.

Instead, of lamenting the billions I don’t have, I choose to support love on off-Valentine days because I’m frugal.

And listen, Hallmark cards go on sale just like everything else.

Like, I typically have no idea what day of the week it is, nonetheless think about the future 5 days out. If you tie your love to one day a year, watch out. I get what that one day implies.

Like I know my mom loves when I buy her that annual bonzai tree, my little something for Mother’s day. Ironically, when she lets it die every year, I don’t get upset. I just buy her another plant the next year. Hey, who cares, I know it means something to her, because, well, she puts that tree somewhere everyone can see it.

“Hey mom, that bonzai tree still alive?”

Still, she acts like she doesn’t know it’s coming and every year, she says, “Trevor, I love when you buy me the annual plant for my mother’s day. It reminds me you think about me as your mother.”

“Mom, the plant dies every year.”

“Yes, but I get to see that plant every day and it reminds me of you.”

Honestly, sometimes I forget about buying the plant until my mom reminds me that mother’s day is coming.

“I’ve been looking at lemon trees this year,” she says.





Moms don’t care if they voice their opinion about demonstrating “a mother’s love,” on a certain day and neither should you. Just chit chat the meaning of that day me. I don’t get hurt when people forget about my birthday, I freaking remind them that it was my day. So communicate. Bring me into your Valentine Day team huddle. Don’t make us guess that a day like that means something to you even though it doesn’t a thing to me.

Everyone is different. Everyone wants different things.

I like to eat ramen noodles when I turn one year older, and I’ll let you know with sticky notes, texts, and reminders.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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