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  • Samra


    I am passionate about covering different topics. Join my newsletter: https://writeandinspire.substack.com/.

  • Libby Shively McAvoy

    Libby Shively McAvoy

    I am a Personal Development and Relationship Coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence, Certified Yoga Instructor, Writer, Mom, Speaker, traveler, & seeker

  • Jon Krakauer

    Jon Krakauer

    Author of Into the Wild, Into Thin Air, Classic Krakauer, and Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town. www.instagram.com/krakauernotwriting/

  • Katy-Rose, MSc, BSc, PWP

    Katy-Rose, MSc, BSc, PWP

    Melding Neuroscience & self-help to teach curious lifelong learners to redefine their resilience, personal growth, and sense of control.

  • Jean Campbell

    Jean Campbell

    Writer in true crime, humor and poetry. For more, check out my web page at https://jxcampbell.com

  • Jennifer Le

    Jennifer Le

    Transformational Life Coach & Tarot Card Reader 🔮🌎 https://linktr.ee/intentjen

  • Mia Verita

    Mia Verita

    Lover of literature, art and music. RN-APRN. CPR/Pro Rescuer Instructor. Owner of Angie’s Home Roast Coffee. 💗POMpoet💗 Mia@AngiesHomeRoast.com

  • Adam J. Cheshier

    Adam J. Cheshier

    Recently celebrated 6 years of nomadism. On a mission to Financial Freedom. Get smarter in Travel & Personal Finance: https://linktr.ee/adam.cheshier

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