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A 13-year overseas pro athlete, startup founder, and aspiring typist on culture, hybrid fitness, sports, travel, happiness, and self-improvement. IG: thuffman24


  • Amber Clark

    Amber Clark

  • Douglas Semple

    Douglas Semple

    Douglas Semple MBA, MPA, B.A. A writer, a thinker and a follower of Jesus.

  • Lonlon


    I'm a nobody.. Just a lost soul

  • Sean Finnegan

    Sean Finnegan

  • Sunaina Gulia

    Sunaina Gulia

  • m.d. writes

    m.d. writes

    M.D. Taylor (a.k.a. md_writes) is a writer who sustains life by working to support her writing habit. she is in love with writing and y/our words!

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