Dear Tom Kuegler,

Thanks for sharing your insight and heart with this article. For such a youngster, you have an old soul and a good pace with your words. I read the whole thing which is hard for me because I think I have ADHD or some kind of reading disease that only allows me to read what truly fascinates me.

There are many tasks in life we can choose, but why not choose one that fits our stylistic sense of purpose.

I think the beauty of failing and losing and staying with the process is much like I’ve learned from decades of professional sports. Stick with it. Grow. Learn. Adapt. Failure is a chance to get your ass up and try again.

Quitting something you love to do is the biggest cowardice in my life. Quitting is never eternal. Choosing to not be a quitter is the small choice to say, “Fuck it” and get back in the game, much like you have.

I teach kids how to win with basketball, sports, building habits, and I have never thought about doing a webinar. What is your webinar about? Thanks for sharing!

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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