Thanks for your input. There are hundreds of ways to find success and answers in this world, and I’m not one to say one is right or wrong. I am prone to many of the symptoms of ADHD. I should get checked out. My issue is the long term effects of medications, what are they? Do we even know?

Something I have prided myself on is listening to my anxiety, trying to reconnect to what my body and mind needs, whether it be meditation, or nature, or exercise, and moving through the anxiety, distractions with my approach for now.

What works for me in a natural way, rather than use medication, may not be enough. I hope it will.

But I should get checked out by a doctor. I am just not one to use medication unless a last resort, not a first resort, which is what I think many Americans fall into — the path of least resistance is not always the best path.

We try to force our lives into the structure America presents for us, rather than change the structure of our lives in a more natural way that may do the same thing. I’m always on the side of the human, whether it’s medication or not, but would like to talk more about it since I’m late to the ADHD / ADD / Anxiety discussions.


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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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