Damn, this whole time, I’ve been ADHD?

What if we are all have ADHD, but depending on our habits, nature, and nurture, aren’t we all a sliding spectrum of focus to downright inattentive ADHD?

This article hit me in the face because I’m exactly what you said. Except for the Harry Potter bit. I find release in fitness and repetitive acts. Im a terrible planner and forget what time it is all the time. I do what I want because nothing else motivates me. I find deep peace in friendship. I can’t live or sleep without a fan.

I have always been afraid of taking medication.

What does medication do? What are common names if ADHD meds?

Ritalin, is just one molecule away from crystal meth, right?

I’m so prone to myth beliefs.

Interesting to hear, thanks for sharing.

Oh, one last thing, what if this is just the difference of how we humans operate, why change it with medicine? Why change our genetic code, maybe we need to change our job or our ability to focus?

It’s like we are fighting our natural operating setting to not be aware of stimuli. We once fought Mother Nature and our habitat to stay alive, and now we have diapers shipped to our houses, and 1000’s of electronic distractions a day that our bodies are wired to fight/flight.

Meds aren’t wrong, by any means.

But what if we can learn how to control and focus our minds, can we bear ADHD through the practice of self-improvement in training our bodies to still be productive and energized to work regardless of where you are on the ADHD spectrum?

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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