Why Growth Mindsets and Travel Matter

My story about growing through pro sports lessons, slow traveling, and Polish life

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“O, kurwa, ohhhhh, kurrrwwwwaa.”

Dude, there is no point in dying scared or ungrateful, I thought.

As we popped through the cloud ceiling, the plane steadied, found its balance, and the country of Poland spread out beneath me in smooth green pastures and an endless horizon of chromatic orange roofs and whitish grey, yellow, and orange clusterings of indistinct houses and buildings.

“You-ah-you, come here for Vodka and potato?” he paused. “Or beautiful woman?

“Always,” I joked. “Always too small.”

“Kurwa, ayeeee — shit!”

My attitude was the real problem and when you travel and live in new societies and cultures, you take your mental baggage and mindset with you.

A funny epiphany hit me: how could I be halfway around the world and interact with a stranger and share moments of awkward intimacy and laughter with a man I just met?

Travel is always an education, if you let it be.

“Trevvvvaaar. You like McDonald’s?” my stocky Polish driver asked me.

What is a growth mindset and why does it matter when you travel or play sports?

There is no static-minded traveler that understands and lives within other cultures, people, and countries. There is growth through facing the fears that hold you back from experiencing foreign tastes, sights, and sounds. There is so much growth in trying to succeed at being happy, successful, and learning the foreign customs and culture through traveling abroad.

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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