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A 13-year overseas pro athlete, startup founder, and aspiring typist on culture, hybrid fitness, sports, travel, happiness, and self-improvement. IG: thuffman24

and why money, fame, and power don’t matter

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1. Take your shot: with the woman that makes you do a double-take. With the thing you feel most nervous to do. Quit the corporate job. Go travel the world. If you feel strongly about it, do it. We should listen to the “hell yeah” moments our gut shouts at us about.

2. Losing isn’t fun. But winning isn’t fun without knowing what losing feels like. You can’t try to take the big shot, or make a life change, or pick up and go because you are scared of losing. Winning takes constant small risks to put yourself out there day after day, and in the end, losing (or getting shot down with the woman you want to ask out) is what makes winning feel so damn good.

3. Don’t take losing personally. If you want to get to winning sooner, if you want to get to the hot partner you can’t…

And why being a pro athlete taught me it’s true

You want to do more for your New Year’s Resolution in 2021.

You want to create momentum so you write a 2021 New Year’s Resolution that will truly change your life.

You want to be great, get that six-pack back, and reach a milestone.

You want to be free to choose your next big thing.

As a former pro athlete, people ask me where my inspiration came from, and I get annoyed by the notion of it. I rarely feel inspiration. …

Why Money Doesn’t Always Matter for Happier People

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“Good morning,” my younger brother Damon, says, as I walk into the kitchen for my ritual of espresso, heavy cream, and too much sugar.

“What’s up,” I ask.

“I was thinking, what if our wealth was based on how happy we were?” he asks, pressing his grey, wire-rimmed glasses up his nose.

“What? That’s a big question before nine a.m,” I say, looking at our friend Paul, who is chucking to himself.

“Okay,” I say, pouring a frothing cup of black liquid into my mug. “How would we measure happiness?” I ask.

“Well, this is hypothetical.”

“Okay, hold on. What…

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I stumbled upon The Vampire Problem: A Brilliant Thought Experiment Illustrating the Paradox of Transformative Experience and it got me thinking about the fixed mindset and the growth mindset and how I toggle back and forth between the two — which always seems to be either thinking about transforming or just transforming.

Basically, the premise of the Vampire Problem article starts with the question: if your closest friends became vampires and loved it, and then asked you if you would make the change to become one of them, without harm to yourself or others, while gaining amazing superpowers in exchange…

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Chris McCandless took 10 pounds of rice and lived 110 days in the artic Alaskan tundra with no map before dying by inadvertently and slowly killing himself as he ate the seeds of a plant he didn’t think was poisonous.


Well, why does anyone adventure into the unknown?

I love Jon Krakauer’s writing and this podcast on RZN distills the idea of how taking risks we don’t know the answers to matters to personal growth. …

From a pro athlete

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“Your most important asset is the conscious control of your own life.”- Eric Butterworth

My cousin who is a sport psychology doctor told me to replace the word control with “attention.”

Where is my attention today?

A lot of what fills my mind are ideas from others whom I enjoy reading, like James Clear. Brian Johnson. Malcolm Gladwell. Angela Duckworth. Brene Brown. Warren Buffet.

I even enjoy old Buddhist and Stoic lessons from Seneca to Aurelius on how to live a life of meaning.

But honestly, I think much of what terrifies me (or others) in life is running out…

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There are worlds on worlds on worlds are out there, just sitting above us like genies outside their lamps, floating, expanding exponentially, and I’m here thinking about how my small universe revolves around my fears of change — on which risks I should take and why, on investing in cryptocurrency, and why Marie Forleo’s book, Everything Is Figureoutable is a great way to change your self-limiting beliefs.

So first up. Did you know the Earth spins at different speeds depending on where you are?

And Why the Nets or Bucks Will if He Doesn’t

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Either the Bucks or the Nets will win most likely win an NBA title this year and I’ll tell you why.

For the record, I had the Bucks winning in seven this year from the beginning.

That this year is a new year. A new season. A bunch of trades. I mean, Klay is back baby!

But the Lakers have some serious unknowns going into this season, other than experience and old age, and I’m a huge LeBron fan.

First, let’s mention the main reason the Bucks won the NBA title this year was using Giannis as the five offensively…

7 questions to ask yourself on investing, behaviors, and startups

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How to Live a Better Life- 7 Questions to Ask on Investing, Behaviors, and Startups

1.Would I want to do this — my startup, my job, my relationship, buying this house, managing this business — for the next ten years?

2. What will not change about what makes my business/investments over the next 10 years successful?

3. Does this decision, expense, startup, thing, or behavior simplify my life or make it more complex?

4. Can this profit/expense either be invested to create passive income while I sleep or help me learn a new skill to be more valuable to society (I ask this when I’m downing an eight-dollar Starbucks latte)?

5. Am I creating value for people in a way that I enjoy the process or am I only concerned with making money?

6. Am I solving a…

7 dating ideas that can help you fix your negative patterns and behaviors (and save you money in the long run).

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Relationship Advice for Successful Men

When I semi-retired at 35 from the game of pro basketball, I had the rare financial security and the chance to question what I want to do next and why I do it — in dating, love, financial security, life purpose, the direction of energy, travel, and more.

As I transitioned into the next phase of my life, I realized much of what holds me back is listening to my monkey mind.

My brain’s old patterns aren’t always a productive way to handle stress, trauma, dating, or stimuli when wanting to exist happier and healthier (or just be in love!)

Trevor Huffman

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