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A former 13-year overseas pro point guard, head coach, startup founder, and aspiring typist on culture, sports, and self-improvement. >>

And why being a pro athlete taught me it’s true

Why attachment to perfection, status, and miserable things don’t help

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“Don’t obsess over perfection or attach yourself to only one outcome and you won’t misidentify yourself as a failure.” — TH

Self-improvement starts with internal values and ends with a process that helps you live authentically happier.

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  1. Stop caring what a stranger or your micro/macro society thinks about you — if you don’t, you’ll be a prisoner to them forever.
  2. Start caring what your closest friends, family, and loved ones think, the ones you’d trust with your life, money, relationship, or startup ideas.
  3. Fucking go for it. Why not? Tell me why not. One day, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years from now you may be dead (or not fit enough to do what you wanted to do now). …

From an underdog pro athlete, startup founder, and wandering soul

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“The list of mistakes you can never recover from is very short.

But you likely realize your life will not be destroyed if your book doesn’t sell or if a potential date turns you down or if your startup goes bust. It’s not the failed outcome that paralyzes us. It’s the possibility of looking stupid, feeling humiliated, or dealing with embarrassment that prevents us from getting started at all.

The first step to being courageous is being willing to look foolish.” — James Clear

My Best 6 Life Advice Tips

  1. The most interesting, successful people in the world recover from failure quicker than the average human…

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  1. Say no more often. James Clear breaks this yes/no dilemma down pretty well. Every time you say “yes,” to someone or something outside your scope of mastery/purpose/startup/passion, you’re giving your time to something in the future or present that takes time/energy/focus away from the very thing you should be doing if you want to succeed. Whew, that was a mouthful.
  2. Learn to deal with and find the optimal level of hassle. With anything you do, or want to be great at doing, there is a certain amount of hassle one must do to find greatness. Every pro basketball player has…

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Your startup, your athlete, and your life — how the Expectancy Theory helps you get there

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How to Expect Great Things of

Your startup, your athlete, and your life — how this theory helps you get what there

How living with virtuous values, presence, and sports taught me how to live better

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A Pro Athlete on the Growth Mindset

How living with virtuous values, presence, and sports taught me how to live better

10 Questions I Keep Asking Myself

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