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A 13-year overseas pro athlete, startup founder, and aspiring typist on culture, hybrid fitness, sports, travel, happiness, and self-improvement. IG: thuffman24

and why money, fame, and power don’t matter

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1. Take your shot: with the woman that makes you do a double-take. With the thing you feel most nervous to do. Quit the corporate job. Go travel the world. If you feel strongly about it, do it. We should listen to the “hell yeah” moments our gut shouts at us about.

2. Losing isn’t fun. But winning isn’t fun without knowing what losing feels like. You can’t try to take the big shot, or make a life change, or pick up and go because you are scared of losing. Winning takes constant small risks to put yourself out there day after day, and in the end, losing (or getting shot down with the woman you want to ask out) is what makes winning feel so damn good.

3. Don’t take losing personally. If you want to get to winning sooner, if you want to get to the hot partner you can’t…

And why being a pro athlete taught me it’s true

You want to do more for your New Year’s Resolution in 2021.

You want to create momentum so you write a 2021 New Year’s Resolution that will truly change your life.

You want to be great, get that six-pack back, and reach a milestone.

You want to be free to choose your next big thing.

As a former pro athlete, people ask me where my inspiration came from, and I get annoyed by the notion of it. I rarely feel inspiration. …

On how I continue to redefine my life values and be anti-goal

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1. Never stop traveling. As I travel, I realize the reason I solo-travel is to actually observe and reflect on the direction my internal state wants me to go.

I believe being in a new environment forces you to be more vulnerable.

Internal growth leads to overcoming physical, mental, and external barriers.

To new levels of success, happiness, and health.

As I’m wandering Portland’s University red bricks, I think:

Stop for a second and look around you.

What do you have?

What do you want?

Why do you want it?

What do you see, what do you feel, what do you hear, what do you smell?

I tend to think about what my core values when I travel, not what goals, outcomes, or things I need to reach or…

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1. Let go of what the bullshit people expect from you (unless you believe those expectations help you become a higher, happier, or better version of yourself).

2. Let go of the need to be cool or rich or popular on social media. Let go of people liking you and value your authenticity. Mark Manson wrote a best-selling book on Not Giving a F*ck for a reason — because it’s a valuable life lesson.

3. Do what you want in life, but don’t stop there. After you know what you want, you’ll need a plan to become more of it, which means doing certain things, creating habits, and living aligned with your values when you don’t always want to.

4. Let go of the idea of perfection…

And how to stop sucking at the things you don’t want to suck at anymore

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1. You don’t have authentic people, careers, fitness routines, partners, friends, and loved ones that bring you positive experiences over “status.”

In Tripp Lanier’s, book, This Book Will Make You Dangerous, he spells out the virtue of playing for experiences over outcomes. The ultimate currency is not money, status, fame, or even monetary success — it’s being healthy, thriving, and happy authentically.

What is authenticity?

Only you know — but it starts from the inside. It starts from natural curiosity, positive emotions, and altruistic acts.

Positive experiences happen when you’re around authenticity, not at the end of your journey or looking the part.

So bring happiness, humor, and enthusiasm into your behavior, practice playfulness, love, patience, and you’ll find happiness in…

My 7 Keys to Becoming Happier

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Why Happiness Is Never Perfect | My 5 Keys to Becoming Happier | June 24th, 2021

  1. Happiness is hard work, especially on the front end. Happiness takes living out your values daily, not just reaching your one to five-year outcome goals.
  2. If you don’t work hard at being happy, you will not be happy (like omg)! How hard I work to respond to the negative and positive stimuli, stress, or events happening on my path will dictate my future happiness.
  3. This happens in the present. Like now. If you want to feel more alive, focus on the now. …

Why attachment to perfection, status, and miserable things don’t help

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“Don’t obsess over perfection or attach yourself to only one outcome and you won’t misidentify yourself as a failure.” — TH

1. Why do I care if my invention fails, startup flounders, my book flops, or my lover doesn't want to talk about the argument we had last night? Just keep putting your best effort into this thing you truly care about. Foolishness, embarrassment, and ridicule come with the territory of your success.

2. Practice getting into the flow state. With people. Work. Fitness. Relationships. I tend to find the flow state through writing, or authentic friendships, playing a competitive…

Self-improvement starts with internal values and ends with a process that helps you live authentically happier.

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  1. Stop caring what a stranger or your micro/macro society thinks about you — if you don’t, you’ll be a prisoner to them forever.
  2. Start caring what your closest friends, family, and loved ones think, the ones you’d trust with your life, money, relationship, or startup ideas.
  3. Fucking go for it. Why not? Tell me why not. One day, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years from now you may be dead (or not fit enough to do what you wanted to do now). …

From an underdog pro athlete, startup founder, and wandering soul

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“The list of mistakes you can never recover from is very short.

But you likely realize your life will not be destroyed if your book doesn’t sell or if a potential date turns you down or if your startup goes bust. It’s not the failed outcome that paralyzes us. It’s the possibility of looking stupid, feeling humiliated, or dealing with embarrassment that prevents us from getting started at all.

The first step to being courageous is being willing to look foolish.” — James Clear

My Best 6 Life Advice Tips

  1. The most interesting, successful people in the world recover from failure quicker than the average human…

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  1. Say no more often. James Clear breaks this yes/no dilemma down pretty well. Every time you say “yes,” to someone or something outside your scope of mastery/purpose/startup/passion, you’re giving your time to something in the future or present that takes time/energy/focus away from the very thing you should be doing if you want to succeed. Whew, that was a mouthful.
  2. Learn to deal with and find the optimal level of hassle. With anything you do, or want to be great at doing, there is a certain amount of hassle one must do to find greatness. Every pro basketball player has…

Trevor Huffman

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