And why I travel generally-speaking

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I had a brain fart today.

I remember when I traveled to Cinque Terra, Italy. I thought, man, what do these people do without the internet, news, and the media?

What do they do without the entertainment, and the sports, ESPN’s highlight reels, presidential clips, and Instagram stories?

What do these people do when they can’t drive around their towns, or have a car, or how do they even talk to their family in Rome?

Can we go backward, or inward again, to what made our societies healthier, slow down, and more connected? …

Ryan Holiday’s summary and book notes on Finding Stillness during COVID, growing a startup, and the Election madness

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traveling in Vermont, finding Stillness in COVID

“Most of us would be seized with fear if our bodies went numb, and would do everything possible to avoid it, yet we take no interest at all in the numbing of our souls.” — Epictetus


Stillness is the key to finding YOU!

Can you still, put away your phone, your computer, your distractions, (your kids), your job, and start listening to the ancient knowledge beneath your logical, or neurotic monkey mind?

This is something Ryan Holiday speaks to in his book, Stillness to the Key.

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Stillness is part of my routine and it’s an awareness I practice daily (more on that later). …


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How to Grow Out of Your Comfort Zone is about every startup leader, every relationship, every time you ask for raise, every time you want to grow out of something and move into something better.

If you want wealth, or love, or fitness, or more time off, it’s about getting to that place your comfort zone, and pushing through it.

A lot of kids and parents asked, “How did you handle playing on ESPN or TV in Europe? Wasn’t it a ton of pressure?”

I immediately tell them of the time I was 2–22 for ESPN against Xavier or how I was held scoreless against Temple on CBS in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I tell them of my missteps. Of my fears. …

If you want to have a great life, like now — practice arete to find Eudaimonia

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If you want to flourish, you need to understand two Stoic concepts: arete and eudaimonia. Arete: to live with virtue and excellence. To find your best self, and close the gap between who you are acting and behaving like right now and the person you know would bring out your best self (this my friends, is called the act of practicing arete=flourishing).

Without going inwards to find some answers, your greatest year ever is never going to happen (sorry, but we can’t live eudaimonia without the self-awareness of what that is for ourselves).

Happiness is just an emotional state and there are millions of reasons to be happy, but what keeps you happy (or less sad) and the next person happy is entirely different. …

Life and startup wisdom distilled from pro sports

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“No matter where I work, the same truth keeps emerging. Neutral thinking is the key to unlocking a set of behaviors that can turn also-rans into champions and champions into legends.”-Trevor Moawad

If you aren’t willing to take the big shot, make a move, or make the crucial decision — tiny or colossal — maybe it’s because you haven’t practiced it in your mind first.

Leadership is learning to lead yourself first by knowing when to be hard on yourself (and when not to be).

If you can’t lead yourself to clean the house when you need to… if you can’t do today’s workout… if you know you need to have the talk… if you need to face the feelings that arise when you do something uncomfortable, or necessary, you have to be willing to take responsibility for the consequences of that…

And What I’m Learning About How Behavior Change > Goal Setting

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Gratitude is one of the most important things I forget to practice. To me, living with gratitude is a mindset. A mentality. A way of living. You can’t eat one piece of broccoli to be healthy and fit just as you can’t say “thank you” for the things you have today and have a gracious mindset going forward. These qualities are made over time. Just like shooting, dribbling, and becoming a better player, it’s about showing up day after day to get quality reps at what you want to become.

This the growth mindset in practice — in embracing each moment, each habit, each behavior you do day after day. …

In Investing, Relationships, and Startups

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“We all have a set of behaviors that will make us successful. Whether or not we live them is the real question I hope you’re asking yourself right now.“ — Trevor Moawad

“That’s why I wrote this book. You don’t need to be an elite athlete to train your mind like one. You simply need to have challenges that must be overcome. And guess what? You’re human. So you absolutely face challenges every day at work and in your personal life. Maybe you were passed over for a promotion. Maybe you’re trying to go to school to better yourself while working and aren’t sure how to squeeze everything into the twenty-four hours in a day. Maybe you have a [bad] boss and don’t know how to manage your interactions. Maybe you’ve just had a child and you’re struggling to adapt to all the extra work at home. Maybe your spouse just told you it’s over. Once you’ve finished this book, you’ll be equipped with the same tools I’d give a team seeking a title. You’ll learn that champions don’t think negatively or positively; they think neutrally. You’ll learn that champions behave as if they have no choice. You’ll learn that champions make detailed plans. You’ll learn that champions visualize what they want. …

And how to change your perception of the American dream

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My accountant died this weekend.

I didn’t even know she was sick.

I found out she had colon cancer and three days after she got the prognosis, bam, she was gone. She was a smoker, gregarious, and to be completely fair, she was funny as f*ck in an accountant sort of way. She’d always leave me odd messages come spring, “Trevor, your taxes are due in one day. Where are you? I’m waiting for you to get your 1099 in. I hope you are living your life better than me in this cold, lifeless, cubicle!” she’d joke.

“Trevor, are you in Africa riding an elephant, where are you?” she would rasp through the phone. “Trevor, I’m not working an all-nighter for you. Please send me your dividend statements immediately.” …

What is authenticity in today’s workplace, or hell, the world?

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“You really can’t try to do everything, especially if you intend to be the best in the world.” — Seth Godin

Who are you, really?

“Trevor, you are too slow. Too short. This game is for tall people.”

“Trevor, you from Northern Michigan. Basketball isn’t good enough here. No one has ever played division one basketball nonetheless pro basketball from Petoskey.”

“Trevor, what do you want to be when you grow up,” I was asked at a local basketball camp in front of hundreds of kids.

Obviously, the kids and coaches giggled when I answered with fervor:

I will play in the NBA.

“Trevor, you will never play in college,” the director of the camp said. …

and stay true to yourself

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The truth is I don’t know much science or math, or accounting, or marketing, investing or even writing, but I feel confident discussing the desire to live an authentic life. I define authenticity personally as the where, why, how, what, and when of being your happiest, healthiest, best self.

See, most of my friends want to live an authentic life but feel stuck. Fraudulent. Fake. They want to change but don’t know how. Or when.

Or worse, why.

The irony of finding your true self isn’t cupcakes and rainbows — it’s hard fucking work.

The Definition of Authentic

Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. …


Trevor Huffman

“Do it or don’t do it.”

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