Well, if you want a pro athlete’s opinion that is…

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“group of children laughing together” by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

Before you start reading this you should know this is mostly opinion:

Successful leadership and parenting comes down to the three things: 1. teaching and leading your kids how to fail, and grow by bouncing back with resiliency and effort. 2. playing with your kids and loving your kids unconditionally while setting boundaries 3. I don’t know three yet because I don’t have any kids.

But I do coach kids. All the time.

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If you can’t question your mindset as an adult towards new ways of living (investing in a rental), facing fears (going on that third world trip), doing something different (signing up for that class you always wanted to take), all of which will create more joy, freedom, and happiness, how will your kids know how to grow inside the American struggle?

One way to start down this path is to ask yourself this question: if this doesn’t add value to my life, why am I doing it, buying it, giving it my time, or watching it?

Another thing on my mind: it’s better to hear the truth.

Just to get this off my chest, teachers don’t get paid enough.

My opinion: the very people that work with our kids the most get paid way too little.

How do we navigate this world with kids and still invest in timeless values, habits, and qualities that will help them succeed?

Dear Highly Sensitive White People,

We are fine. We’ve been winning the genetic lottery for hundreds of years, we don’t need to make up for it with more sensitivity about displaying our own emotional fanaticism for anything but ensuring our next generation learns the values that will make them more successful, empathetic, and happy.

But let’s think about your kid’s future.

Kids that can lead themselves, can eventually lead people.

It’s why sports are so crucial — it teaches us through life lessons that

Progress isn’t greed, or money, or power, or status.

Fuck the result, focus on the right type of effort!

My conclusive pro athlete parenting advice:

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“Do it or don’t do it.”

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